Just landed in France. I keep asking if I’m heading in the right direction to my apartment complex and everyone here keeps saying, “Wee wee.”

I don’t need to pee dammit I need to find my fucking apartment.

[ check me out on my traditional rp blog. it’s not definite that I’ll keep that blog but I’m giving it a shot bc why not ]

imethanandtheresadifference: "Hey dude. You know you could always come with me?"

I appreciate the offer man, but I think I’m gonna start brand new.

Goodbye Everyone!

Hey guys, so if you haven’t already heard, I’m leaving Beacon Hills. I don’t think I can handle the crazy much longer. I’ve made a lot of friends here and a lot have died here.

Thank you all for being with me every step of the way, and who knows, maybe I’ll come back one day?

Haha, keep an eye on Scott for me everyone. We had a great run!

Anonymous: "YOU'RE MOVING TO FRANCE????!!!!"

I was just about to make the big announcement :\

omega696: "But Meliss is still "Mom" like to you though right? I meanhow could she not be like another but not replacement for your own Mom."

Well of course, she’ll always be Mama McCall to me. Shout out to you Mama McCall. U da 1.

Anonymous: "hell yeah you and argent were so badass you defeated the oni (with allisons help of course) also are you gonna ask argent to adopt you now or are you still gonna stay with the mccalls?"

Don’t think I’m gonna ask anyone to adopt me. After bouncing around from place to place and guardian to guardian, I’ve learned that I don’t need that “mother figure” or “father figure” to call my own. My friends are my family, til death do us part.

Alright okay okay, but let’s get one thing straight:

Melissa McCall is not allowed to die

Friends die but scarves last forever


My friends and family are dead and people are continuing to die around me so I decided to do a giveaway.


  • Just take it.
Anonymous: "can I have your URL when you die?"

WHEN I die?????

Jesus Christ it’s good to know you all care about me.

(the answer is no)

baniwi: "So how's you and Chris's new living situation going? Are you both bunking at the McCall's?"

You know I wasn’t gonna bring this up, but, we went bunk bed shopping like the other day, THERE I SAID IT.

Next season on TEEN WOLF

we all fucking die

So is kate like an Avatar or some shit.